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Review: Happy Trail by Daisy Prescott

Title: Happy Trail
By: Daisy Prescott
My Copy: ARC by author
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A man of few words, Ranger Jay Daniels values the calm, quiet solitude of the Great Smoky Mountains. Never quite fitting in with either side of his family, he prefers the company of birds and tress to people.

Yeah, he'd most definitely prefer a bird--any bird, any bird at all, take a vulture for instance--to the human-tornado hybrid that just blew onto his peaceful stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

The path of true love never has run smooth for Olive Perry. After getting dumped and promptly abandoned in the middle of her multi-month hike, Olive swears off men. Determined to finish the long trek by herself, she doesn't need a prince--or broody and taciturn ranger--to save her.

Yet, when an early snowstorm threatens the mountains, and Ranger Daniels is charged with getting hikers to safety, that includes hot-tempered Olive Perry. Snowed in and forced to share an abandoned cabin, can Olive's heated intensity melt Jay's cool reserve?

And if so, will this happy trail lead to true love? Or will their time together be just another bump in the road?

There was so much I loved about this book but I will only highlight just a few things and let you all make your own decisions. 

Olive and Jay were such solid and likeable characters that I found myself easily turning the pages and becoming more engrossed into their story.  They were who they are with no apologizes to anyone else and I liked that strongness.  I especially liked Olive’s no filter for half of the book.

One of the things I liked about this book is that they aren’t thrown together straight out of the gate; there are chapters of Jay and all of his “ranger-i-ness”, with nature and whatnot, and we get to learn who he is first before Olive is introduced to him.  Same with Olive, we learn about who she is, what she is been through, and how she grows on her own before she even meets Jay (I loved that!)  Then that magic moment happens when they meet and trek back to beat the storm. We get to witness their awkwardness together and their growing like for each other.

However, my favorite part was how Olive sent out the postcards to keep in touch.  It is such a small part of the story but it really touched my heart. 

I think this is my favorite book out of the Smartypants universe so far!

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