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BookWhisperer Review: A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade

A Beautiful Kind of Love (Choices, #1)A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade

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Every choice has a consequence.

I believe in soul mates. Why? Because I have one and his name is Jax Porter.

I have known Jax my whole life and I have loved him with every breath I’ve ever taken. The fact that we were born a mere month apart to mothers that are best friends has made us inseparable since birth.

What we have is so rare, one would think our story would be written, our fate sealed. But, unfortunately that’s not how life works. Life offers us many choices that can turn destiny into chance.

I now find myself heading toward a destination that I could have never imagined and I have to figure out where to go from here. 

Will the choices that have been made change our path forever or will fate find its way?

The series name is perfect for this book. Choices that is what the entirety of this story is about. Along with love that can stand the test of time, and the connections that we can not live without. Lily and Jax were just a couple of kids that found true friendship and companionship in one another. Only this will transform, bud, and grow, but will their love be able to survive the trials of life. This book entices so many emotions and had my heart stretched far and wide. It is an angsty novel, but it wrapped up so nicely in the storyline that readers will enjoy the tug war that it envokes in them. As these two young adults grow and change with the seasons of life it begs the question of how much love can survive. I was overcome with grief at the lows and soaring at the highs, but it was overwhelming filled with uncertainty after all of the developments over the duration of this novel. This story travels a large span of time to fully prepare the readers to interpret the love of these two before dropping them into a tough time of choices and consequences. While I loved every minute of this novel I have to admit that my love was not always pleasant. The anger and frustration will leave the readers on the edge of their seats right up to the end. Rest assured there is a second novel, and be prepared to already have it on hand. It will not be one that you want to wait for.

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