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Review: Stand by AL Jackson

Stand (Bleeding Stars, #6)Stand by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"PURE BEAUTY IN WORDS. Stand shatters and SINGS to the SOUL, making the heart both soar and bleed." ~Karen, Bookalicious Babes Blog

Zachary Kennedy has never been known as a fighter, but he’ll never regret fighting for her…

I’m Zee Kennedy.
Quiet. Reserved. Predictable.
When my brother died, everyone thought I was just the good guy who stepped up to take his place in the band.

No one knew what I was hiding. The one thing I’ve been fighting for.

For seven years, I’ve never lost focus.

Not until one chance encounter with Alexis Kensington.

Now she’s become my greatest temptation.
I knew better than to touch her, but now that I’ve had a taste, I can’t get enough.
Her kiss becomes my air. Her body my salvation.

She needed a savior and somehow she became mine.

Taking her was a betrayal. But keeping her means risking everything.
One look at Alexis Kensington, and I know she’s worth the fight.
Will my past continue to keep me down or will I finally find the strength to pull myself up and Stand…

Not quite sure how this could be a stand alone. I would not have suggested a standalone novel for Stand, because any reader will miss the monumental circle that this series will take with the addition of Zee's story. After five books of vicious circles that have drug the readers through the mud over an over again to come out on the other side stronger it would be unfortunate to only read this story. So if you are looking at this story don't cut yourself short.

Zee has been the enigma in the shadows for much of this story. Never one to act out of character, and always the responsible party I was not quite sure what I would find in this book. So what did I find you ask??? All the reasons that this series has made me fall in love AL Jackson over again. You could have anticipated a bulking protective man, but Zee is so much more. Having made bad choices he is living a life that seems to be paying the debts for every wrong decision that has been made in his life. This is a heavy burden to bear, and until Alexis, he doesn't even know what he is missing. More importantly, he doesn't even realize the family that he has had all along. This is a story of salvation, and finding a way to not only forgive yourself but to be responsible and still find happiness. While Alexis is currently living a nightmare as well she is still will to live, and she will help Zee see that the gloom he has over his life is a choice. Showing him that making that choice will not only set him free but open his eyes to what has been there all along. Perception is the key, and his perception of his decision and role in this life is about to be turned upside down. Only Alexis carefree attitude is putting her in danger that he may not even be able to save her from. Trying to be her self preservation will put him in the line of fire, and force him to make choices that he may not have been ready to make.

This story will wrap up the Bleeding Stars series. It has been an adventure that was not always the easiest on the heart but overwhelmingly is full of love. Jackson's characters are rooted in my heart, and I will be thinking of them all long after this review is posted. I can not thank this author enough for sharing them with us, and I look forward to encountering more adventures when I start another of her series. While seeing this series end is bittersweet I could not have been happier with all it will all end, and this dysfunctional family that has more love than most.

~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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