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Review: Motion by Penny Reid

Title: Motion 
Series: Laws of Physics #1
Author: Penny Reid
My Copy: Author
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Forced to lie to protect her sister . . .
From the New York Times Bestselling Author, Penny Reid

One week.
Home alone.
Girl genius.
Unrepentant slacker.
Big lie.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Mona is a smart girl and figured everything out a long time ago. She had to. She didn’t have a choice. When your parents are uber-celebrities and you graduate from high school at fifteen, finish college at eighteen, and start your PhD program at nineteen, you don’t have time for distractions outside of your foci. Even fun is scheduled. Which is why Abram, her brother’s best friend, is such an irritant.

Abram is a talented guy, a supremely gifted musician, and has absolutely nothing figured out, nor does he seem to care. He does what he feels, when he feels, and—in Mona’s opinion—he makes her feel entirely too much. 

Like every Penny Reid book (and Penny Reid) all the characters are ridiculously lovable and smart. That is exactly where we find Mona, ridiculously lovable and smart and stepping in to save her trouble marker sister Lisa.  In doing so, she must fool Abram into thinking that she is Lisa.  They are identical twins so it shouldn’t be too hard, right?  However, Mona and Lisa are completely different in all the ways that matter. Being Lisa means that Mona has to wear make-up, do her hair, show some skin, and hide so that she can read her book.

While reading, I found myself adoring Mona more and more each page.  She is the young woman with characteristics I wish I had when I was her age – confident, beyond smart, and super cool.  I could feel how much Mona loved her family (even though it seems that they have wondered apart), enough to act like her sister to get her out of trouble.  And the big heart that Mona presents when dealing with everyone.  The way she and Gabby (Lisa’s best friend) start to slowly bond again and how she reacts with Abram’s family (Oh, look at you Penny Reid for weaving in a Knitting in the City character.)

As always, I am excited to see where this series takes us.  Yes, it does end in a cliff-hanger so be prepared to say, “What?” and then always realize that Penny Reid knows best so we will take what we get when we get it.

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