Monday, August 20

Review: Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid

Title: Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers #5)
Author: Penny Reid
My Copy: Author
BookWhisperer's Rating

Hunches, horse races, and heartbreak

Ten years after Simone Payton broke his heart, all Roscoe Winston wants is a doughnut. He’d also like to forget her entirely, but that’s never going to happen. Roscoe remembers everything—every look, every word, every single unrequited second—and the last thing he needs is another memory of Simone.

Unfortunately, after one chance encounter, Simone keeps popping up everywhere he happens to be . . .

Ten years after Roscoe Winston dropped out of her life, all Simone Payton wants is to exploit him. She’d also like some answers from her former best friend about why he ghosted her, but if she never gets those answers, that’s a-okay. Simone let go of the past a long time ago. Seriously, she has. She totally, totally has. She is definitely not still thinking about Roscoe. Nope. She’s more than happy to forget he exists.

But first, she needs just one teeny-tiny favor . . .
Oh, my dear, sweet, lovely, Penny Reid.  How I long to be your best friend in real life.  How I long to pay you in doughnuts and coffee (or tea) to hear all of your thoughts and plans for all of your future characters.  Because every book...every. single. book. does this to me.  I am so wrapped up in the Winston brothers and so happy that I got a sneak peek for all the lovelies that come for Roscoe and Simone.  She is back at home and working in her parent's diner (if that is not a tip-off that something is up then I don't know what is.)  And things are about to get stirred up with Roscoe realizes that Simone is back but just not for the weekend.

If I was being held at gun point and had to describe Simone in just one word (because I would want to describe her in so many words) it would be fiery. FI-ER-Y!  She's one of those women that you just want to be like when you grow up.  Simone knew what she wanted to do for a living and achieved it.  She has her life together and in general just rocks.  And really, I don't think I even have to mention how much Roscoe rocks - but if you need to know, he does as well. Their story is slightly heartbreaking, so sweet, a bit of danger, and filled with wonderful things.  I'm going to go ahead and admit this now, because I do not see it changing anytime in the future, all the Winston brothers are characters that I absolutely love and want to ball them all up into one man and then I want to marry that man.  

Penny Reid just knows how to write real, actual human beings who have problems, who struggle through them, and who may or may not overcome them - and that's okay.  But these fictional characters that she creates, with these interweaving Winston worlds, make bookworms like me happy to be a bookworm and happy to find joy in reading.