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Review: Rogue by Brynley Blake

Title: Rogue
By: Brynley Blake
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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Reeling from the death of her daring Navy SEAL brother, reserved McKenzie Prescott decides to honor him in the only way she can think of--by finishing his bucket list. Suddenly, she’s doing things she’s never dreamed of--like jumping off waterfalls...and inviting the intoxicating stranger she meets in Las Vegas to help her with some of the more racy items on the list…

Noah Payne used to be a Navy SEAL…until his job cost him his family. Now he wants revenge, and he’s not above playing dirty to get it. His current mission—to find a missing shipment of guns—is the last piece of the puzzle. But his only lead is Liam Prescott’s bucket list. Noah figures that by getting close to Liam’s sister, McKenzie, he’ll soon get his hands on the list. Only keeping his hands off a suddenly sexy McKenzie is turning out to be the real challenge!

The synopsis drew me in; a little sister of a Navy SEAL completing his bucket list to honor him but quickly gets in over her head and in the line of danger before she even knows it is happening.  Needless to say another Navy SEAL swoops in and helps her complete the bucket list and keeps her out of danger. Sign me up, please!

While the synopsis drew me in, the book kept me at a constant level of okay-ness (is that a word?).  McKenzie starts out as this meek character, trying to fulfill her brother's list by jumping off a cliff and into a waterfall and not really questioning why she is being shot at on her way down.  This doesn't deter her from continuing checking off the boxes on the bucket list and that is when she meets Noah.  Nothing makes her question that when she meets him in Vegas, and then he starts showing up everywhere she goes, that something might be off.  Out of the whole world to run into someone, McKenzie runs into Noah a few times around the globe. However, she thinks that it is destiny; that since he is a Navy SEAL he can protect her from whatever harm comes her way.  I think I would question Noah's random presence and his complete willingness to help participate in helping for what she believes is nothing.  Needless to say, I felt that McKenzie was a little naive about the world around her but I will say as the story progressed, she got a lot stronger in her character than she was in the beginning.

Noah, on the other hand with his sneaky-sneakiness, sides up to McKenzie to find out of her brother's bucket list has any clue as to where he hid the guns.  While helping McKenzie complete each task, he starts getting to know her and slowly sees her open up and become a stronger person but he refuses to fall for her...he refuses to lose anyone else in his life.  So while Noah protects McKenzie from the dangerous people coming after her, he also protects her from himself.

When it comes down to it all, I will say that McKenzie never once wondered why Noah was so dedicated to helping her; she just always appeared certain that it is what one Navy SEAL would do for another.  She let him blindly lead her and I had a few problems with that, as you can tell.  So the book was good but I felt that it had some character flaws that weren't the flaws that you build from to show progress of a character throughout the pages but that were just flaws.

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