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Review: The Cad and the Co-Ed by LH Cosway and Penny Reid

Title: The Cad and the Co-Ed
By: LH Cosway and Penny Reid
Series: Rugby #3
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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Keeping a secret this big is going to take lots of balls. Specifically, rugby balls.

Bryan Leech is a cad.
Or, he *was* a cad.
No one is quite certain.

Once the quintessential playboy, Bryan claims he’s done with wild parties and weekend benders. No more one night stands leading to mornings he can’t remember; no more binges and blackouts; no more exploits plastered all over the tabloids and rag sheets. According to Bryan, he’s cleaning up his act.

The only problem is, no one believes him.

Eilish Cassidy never thought she’d be a mother at nineteen or still in college at twenty-four. Cut off from every member of her family except her favorite cousin, she’s finally managed put her life back together. Stronger and wiser, Eilish enters her last semester of university determined to stand on her own. Now she just needs to find an internship.

The only problem is, her best option—by far—places her directly in the path of her son’s father, and he doesn’t remember her at all.

Bryan is determined to prove he’s changed. Eager to settle down with the right woman, he’s got his sights set on the gorgeous redhead who seems terribly familiar.

Eilish is determined to hide her secret. She’ll do anything to keep her child safe, even if that means ignoring her own wishes and desires.

But what happens when Bryan starts to remember? And what will it take for Bryan to convince the girl he forgot that she’s unforgettable?

You know you have two amazing authors when they can take an overly used trope and sprinkle their word magic all over it and make it brand new in their own little way.  That’s what Cosway and Reid did…word magic and Christmas joy. Christmas joy happens when Cosway and Reid release a book together.  My mind always gets super happy, my heart jumps for joy, my fingers itch to get my hands on it, and then when it is all over I go back to being sad…just plain sad.  The Cad and the Co-Ed brought all the Christmas joy and then some. 

Bryan was the absolute WORST at the beginning of this book trip.  I honestly thought that there was no way that Cosway and Reid were going to save him in my eyes.  I mean, the way he treated Eilish the morning after made him a monster in my book.  It’s hard to go from monster to most adorable man on the planet but somehow Cosway and Reid pulled it off!  After getting his life together, Bryan was just simply superb.  He fell for Eilish and Patrick immediately wanted nothing more than to be the best man that he could be in their lives.  Can a girl ask for anything more?

Eh, I guess a girl could ask for the first time encounter with Bryan to mean something to him but it wouldn’t have made her who she is when the story takes off. Eilish was strong and independent, wanting nothing to do with Bryan since their first encounter was such a harsh one.  But slowly Bryan started working on her, with the help of Sean, and showed the man he grew up to be, someone sober and responsible.  Such a cute second chance story!

And, I can’t end this review not talking about how hilarious Sean was in this book.  I mean, tailored suits for Patrick…*cue my giggling.*

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