Friday, February 24

Review: Wicked Beast by Nazarea Andrews

Title: Wicked Beast
Series: Wicked Ever After #2
By: Nazarea Andrews
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The bookWhisperer's Rating: 

James “Beast” Lutz isn’t like his friends.
He doesn’t crave control the way Charm and Mal do, and he doesn’t play the games Wolf thrives on.
He lives on his knees, all of his strength bent to the will of his Domme.
He’s never regretted that, until now.
Now, when he’s trapped in an arrangement serving a Domme who can’t keep a sub.
Now, when he’s not sure how to trust a woman wrapped in mystery and less sure he wants to.
But the more he gets to know the Domme everyone knows as Beauty, the more Beast realizes everything he thought he knew was wrong.

Beast absolutely stole my heart in this series.  His sweet, loving, and giving ways just filled me up with joy.  To go out and make a deal with Beauty so that his best friend can reunite with the woman of his dreams shows you what a caring heart Beast possesses.  He walked into the deal knowing what kind of Domme Beauty was but still saw the beauty and the potential in her. Oh, he was perfect!

I think that what got me was Beauty…and it killed me not to like her. Beauty and the Beast is my FAVORITE Disney movie of all time.  However, I had a really hard time liking her with Beast.  To me, she wasn’t good enough.  It was hard knowing the love that Beast needed and deserved and hardly got because all Beauty could give was luke-warm affection.   Granted, feelings grew but she never really softened like I wanted.   

So in the end Beast was amazing and Beauty made me want more from her and her relationship with Beast. 

But with all of this said, I still love me some Nazarea Andrews and always will.

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