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Review: Max by Sawyer Bennett

Title: Max
By: Sawyer Bennett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #8
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The ice is a cold mistress. As the league’s most eligible goalie, Max Fournier has access to his fair share of willing puck bunnies, but right now he’s more interested in bringing home another championship than a one-night stand. A romantic at heart, Max believes in love; he’s just not great at relationships. So when he finally meets a nice girl who’s not blinded by his celebrity, he’s feeling the heat—and the pressure to save her from herself.

Between working two jobs and raising her sister’s kids, Julianne Bradley doesn’t have time for sports—or men. All she knows about Max is that he’s the sexiest customer to ever grace her gas-station counter. And he sees past her tired eyes and makes Jules yearn for things she can’t have: a glamorous fling, a passionate lover, and the time to enjoy both. Max makes her feel like Cinderella, even though Jules has enough baggage to crush a glass slipper. Luckily, he’s no prince—only a fierce competitor determined to win her heart.

Oh, girls, who wouldn't want Max Fournier to show up at their work and woo the pants off of them?  I know I wouldn't say no to that.  He is practically dreamy in every sense of the word. 

We finally get Max's story and it was totally worth the wait.  He meets Jules while she is working at a gas station and is completely smitten with everything that she is.  He is Cold Fury's knight in shining armor and knows exactly how sweetly and carefully to treat Jules. 

An instant mom to her two nephews and one niece, who is over-worked and under-paid, Jules just wants to sleep but life isn’t letting her.  All of these responsibilities have bogged down and when Max walks into her life, she is dumbfounded that there is even a man out there who would be so kind and giving to her and her kids. 

Ugh, this was such a sweet book and Jules and Max together made it even sweeter.  What I loved the most was Max’s understanding in everything regarding Jules and the kids.  He understood her need to work herself to the bones so that she could provide for them (although he didn’t like it.)  He got that every second that she could, she spent time with them and he tagged along.  He just got it and he got the way into Jules’ heart was to love her niece and nephews as much as she did. 

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