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Review: Retrieval by Aly Martinez

Title: Retrieval 
By: Aly Martinez
My Copy:
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One story. Two couples.

I proposed on our first date.
She laughed and told me I was insane. Less than a day later, she said yes.
It was a whirlwind, but we were happy…
Until we got greedy and wanted a family.

It was a life I couldn’t give her, not for lack of trying. Fertility just wasn’t on our side. We sought out doctors and treatments. Spent money we didn’t have. Lied to our families. Smiled for our friends. Put on a brave face for a world that didn’t understand.
Finally, we were successful…
Until we were forced to bury our son.

We were left broken, battered, and destroyed.
They say love is in the details, but it was the details that ruined us.

This is the story of how I took back what had always been mine.
The retrieval of my wife and our family.

Wow, Aly Martinez, you are AMAZING! 

I literally started this book and could not put it down; total brilliance!  When I hit the last page I didn’t understand that it was the last page.  I was sure that I had just started the book so how could the last page be here already and then once I accepted that it was the end of the first book, I NEEDED more!  It is a good thing that the second book comes out this Tuesday.

Not kidding, this book had me addicted to every character, every move, and basically everything.  Roman and Elisabeth tell their heartbreaking story of conceiving a child, losing a child, and the end of their marriage.  One thing brings them back together years later and that is the story of Clare, Tessa, and Walter.  How these two families become connected (for the good and bad) will rip you apart.  The entire book I felt as if my heart was aching for these characters.  I wanted happiness for them, safety for them, love for them and sometimes it came in abundance while other times there was none at all. 

Elisabeth, Roman, and Clare were all perfect characters.  All level headed and trying to do what is best for themselves and those that they love.  While Elisabeth and Roman struggle in the beginning, the love that they still have for each other helps them through the ultimate surprise that is revealed.  Clare tries her best to do right by her daughter, given the situation that she is in.  I love characters with their head screwed on straight!

This is the kind of book has a good mix of everything to keep the readers intrigued, attentive, and in awe.  There was the perfect amount of romance, despair, mystery, action, and WTF moments.   I can’t wait until the second book…I need to know more about Luke!

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