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Review: Hunter/Prey by Sam Sisavath

By: Sam Sisavath
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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She has been planning this for ten years. She’s thought of everything and trained for this one single night. Nothing could possibly go wrong. 

He’s a serial killer who has eluded the police for the last ten years. When his latest victim turns out to not be who she appears, the hunter will discover what it’s like to be the prey. 

When these two very determined foes clash, there will be blood. One way or another, only one of them is coming out of this alive…

Hunter/Prey is a vicious thriller that will drag into the depth with a mad man. Allie Krycek made her decision long ago to find the true identity of the highway killer, and bring him to her own version of justice. After the brutal killing of her younger sister, Allie was desperate to make sure that this killing stops. Six year of training and three years of preparing for this moment has brought them to this moment. The moment that she will protect other woman from the same fate as her sister, as well as, get revenge for the unnecessary killing of her beloved young sister, that was taken from this world before her time.  This was a carefully crafted story to keep it realistic, but yet allow the upper hand to volley back and forth with Allie and Beckard. It is questionable just how this story was going to turn out, and at no point would I have considered any part of this story to be predictable.  The suspense was so powerful that it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end root for this young woman to accomplish her valiant mission. I loved the writing style that shows no fear, and will take you through every gruesome moment of this game of cat and mouse without losing integrity of the story line. The story is a short one, but I am utterly amazed at how much was packed into every page. Sam Sisavath has successfully impressed me with her display in Hunter/Prey. In my research about this book prior to review I stumbled across more books in this series.  After this experience it will be a certainty that followers can expect to see more of the Allie Krycek series here. 

~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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