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Review: Gathering Water by Regan Claire

Gathering Water
By: Regan Claire
Series: Gathering Water #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Della Doe Deare isn't like most people. Most people begin their life on the day they enter the world; the day they're born. Della, well, hers began on the day she turned eighteen. After all, it was the day she first heard her real name, and that of her mothers. With nothing but a couple of duffel bags and a folder full of questions, she travels home to coastal North Carolina to claim the house she inherited from a grandmother she never knew. She has two goals: discover why her mother ran away from home all those years ago, and avoid the family that had left her to rot in an inept foster care system. Hard to do when the family she's been trying to avoid is dragging her into an unimaginable world... a world on the brink of war, and both sides want her dead. All Della ever wanted was to know who she was, but the journey to self-discovery might just lead to her destruction.
A great start here! Gathering Water is a very unique supernatural story. Unlike any that I have encountered in the genre. These characters have special ability to "gather" and "temper" energies that they pull from the natural elements. This is just a fancy way of saying they can pull from the four elements, and expel it through their own magical abilities. Honestly, that was an exceptionally creative talent to build a new series. Couple this with the additional new species that debut here, and we have an ingenious opportunity for a new series of adventures. That is exactly what I had the pleasure of experiencing here. This young woman that has spent her life in the system has only been looking for the day she will be responsible for herself. An unexpected meeting lands her on the opposite side of the US looking at what remains from her unknown Mother's life. What she finds is far from what she had ever expected, and against her own resistance she finds herself absorbed in a family that she believes she has no desire to be a part of. Only I believe that this is far from the truth. The relations that are slowly building between Dove, Cash, and Della is very heartwarming. While they are both very different relations building these three have devotion and loyalty at the very root. The developments of Gathering Water were quite the cliffhanger, and I am anxious to see where Della and her powers will go. This was an excellent debut for the series, and crafty twist to for the supernatural genre.

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