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Review: Burning Bond by Emma Hart

Review: Burning Bond
By: Emma Hart
Series: Holly Wood Files #6
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The BookWhisperer's Rating: 

Two men, both determined to protect me.
I think I love one. I’m almost sure I’m in love with the other.
Ride or die just got a whole lot realer.

This was my first book by Emma Hart and I am so glad that it was.  This magnificent story has encouraged me to read all of the Holly Wood Files series.  It's a whole lot of catching up to do but it will be totally worth it. 

Now warning, this is a love triangle book but I feel like Hart did a wonderful job expressing the feelings that Bek has for Justin and beginning awareness that she has for Brody as well as the feelings that both men have for Bek.  I knew going into this book who I wanted Bek to choose and was pleasantly pleased with the outcome at the end. 

If I had to pick two things about this book that I ultimately loved, it would be thrilling component of the murders/attacks and Brody. I found that how Hart wrote the suspenseful attacks/murders were very interesting.  I guess I wasn't prepared for a detailed description in what I thought was going to be a more romance novel - and I liked it. 

I also loved Brody.  He was just the perfect kind of guy.  He wanted nothing more than Bek to be safe and out of danger but he was never overbearing because of it.  He made sure she knew how to protect herself rather than just how to aim and shoot her gun.  He cared for her but wanted her to be her own person and make her own decisions even if they were dangerous and he never yelled at her after the coincidences. 

I will say that Bek was sometimes a hard pill to swallow.  Maybe it was because I felt like she took too long to decide whom she really wanted when the answer was clear to me who she should choose.  All around though, I thought the story that Hart gave us was thrilling and loving all wrapped up into a nice little package.  Oh, and Nona rocked!

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