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Review: Five-Star by J Santiago

Title: Five-Star
By: J. Santiago
My Copy: Ebook from Amazon

BookWhisperer Rating:
4 Star

Tank Howard made headlines when he shocked the college football world by signing with Coach Franco’s non-BSC contender, Kensington State. Amber Johnson narrowly avoided making news following a harrowing accident that left her more than a little scarred. Three years later, as the profile of Kensington State begins to rise, Tank and Amber meet when she falls at his feet – literally. Although Tank needs to focus on football and Amber needs to focus on healing, neither one of them is able to fight their attraction. 

As the season heats up so does their relationship and their struggle to navigate through his fame, her infamy, and the expectations of the season. When an agent comes after Tank, everything is on the line: his relationship with Amber, his shot at the Heisman and the career of Franco. Figuring it all out may be his greatest audible yet.

Are you serious????? I am so mad at these characters, and their inevitability to make the wrong decisions.  Five-Star was a great interracial story about the star athlete, and the beautiful coach's daughter. Being raised in the football world, it is only naturally to see Amber steer toward the limelight athlete. They have so much in common, and her knowledge and dedication to the sport would make her the perfect girl. I would call her a fan girl, but I see it as an injustice comparing her to the bumbling, giggling blondes that fall at the stars feet. While I guess she totally does fall at this stars feet, but that was for totally different reasons.☺ Amber could ramble stats that would make even the most devoted sports fan head spin, and she knows more about the game than most men. It is unfortunate that her past hides so many shadows. Rowdy did quite a number on her emotionally and physically; even if all them were not intentionally at his hand. This young woman is trying to limp through recovering from the skeletons and wounds with no intentions of help from someone like Tank. From the first moment they meet I could see the perfection in their pairing. If only their actions were not like gasoline and a match. With every bad decision these two begin a volleyball match of even worse decisions. It was so infuriating watching this story play out. In the end, I am happy to see the subsequent improvement to Amber's health and emotion even if it includes a world of destruction to her heart. After the extent to which they had retaliated against each other it was only inevitable to see them at a crossroad of certainty that would separate them. It is hard for me to express the hatred that I had at seeing them motivated in opposite directions, but it a paramount decision that I believe added to Amber's character and her healing. I do not look for this to be the last book here, and I look for a resolution after these two young people have had time to grow and mature. I can not accept that this would be the end for Amber and Tank, as the world does not make matches more perfect that they are for each other.  J. Santiago wrote an impressive novel here. It was packed full for the sports fan, and it was an aggressive and powerful romance. I, not being the overwhelming sports fan, learned some from just this experience, but I would see where a sports fan might find this to fit right in their perfect pocket. Congrats to the author, and I hope to see more. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~ 

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