Monday, September 12

Review: Cole by Megan O'Brien

By: Megan O'Brien
Series: The Ride Series
BookWhisperer Rating:
4 Stars
For eight years I’d been content with my quiet life. I was safe in the bubble I’d built for myself. But I wasn’t really living. 

Until one chance encounter changed it all. 

Scarlet Malone has lived quietly for years hiding from her past. Aside from her best friend Kat she doesn’t allow herself to get close to anyone. Then Cole Jackson, Vice President of The Knights MC comes bursting into her life with his gorgeous eyes and fierce determination to have her in his bed and his life. 

Scarlet’s letting her walls down for the first time in her life. Could Cole really be her happily ever after? 

When Scarlet’s past becomes their present will she run to protect those she loves? Or can she trust in Cole to protect her life and her heart? 

This is the story of Scarlet and Cole. 

Scarlet is no stranger to the MC life. Having been the daughter to a biker prez she is quite versa-id in the rule and traditions, but after the unexpected and suspicious death of her father she walked away from everyone and everything she knew. When Cole enters the picture he resembles everything she has grown to see as being her destruction. Cole is the average male biker with all the grunts and growls one would expect. Only is also a very educated man that holds a position in dedicated and loyal MC that tries to lean this side of the law. He is also a determined man, so when he sets his sights on Scarlet there will be a fight to the death.  Being that both of these character come accustomed to the MC life; their relationship quickly establishes some boundaries that will alter it from the typical man speak woman follow tradition readers have come to know. I like how Scarlet shares the control, and offers a more give/take relationship. With every interaction with the MC Scarlet gains respect and adoration building her relationships with not only Cole, but also the various members. Further supporting the nostalgic feeling of Scarlet finding herself a new home. Cole is not a very long story, and I felt that there were some areas that could have used a bit more building adding depth to the development of the story. Overall, I did really enjoy the journey and look forward to seeing what will happen for Sal and Kate.

~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~

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