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Review: Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Title: Stuck-Up Suit
By: Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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It started out like any other morning on the train.

Until I became mesmerized by the guy sitting across the aisle.

He was barking at someone on his phone like he ruled the world.

Who did the stuck-up suit think he was…God?

Actually, he looked like a God. That was about it.

When his stop came, he got up suddenly and left. So suddenly, he dropped his phone on the way out.

I might have picked it up.

I might have gone through all of his photos and called some of the numbers.

I might have held onto the mystery man’s phone for days—until I finally conjured up the courage to return it.

When I traipsed my ass across town to his fancy company, he refused to see me.

So, I left the phone on the empty desk outside the arrogant jerk’s office.

I might have also left behind a dirty picture on it first though. 

I didn’t expect him to text back.

I didn’t expect our exchanges to be hot as hell.

I didn’t expect to fall for him—all before we even met.

The two of us couldn’t have been any more different. 

Yet, you know what they say about opposites.

When we finally came face to face, we found out opposites sometimes do more than attract—we consumed each other.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ride he took me on.  And I certainly wasn’t prepared for where I’d wind up when the ride was over.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn't see coming.

This book was so much more than I thought it was going to be.  I had a general expectation starting the first page but it turned out to be so much more.  At first, it took me a little while to get into Soraya’s characters, so much more than it took me to get into Graham’s character but once I got to the part where their characters finally got to meet, I was completely sold.  Something about the two of them together just made sense and made the world right. 

Soraya is the kind of girl that speaks her mind and she has a lot to say about the jerk-face Graham when he snubs her after she brings him his lost cell phone.  However, this very vocal aversion against Graham makes him find her extremely attractive and instead of his normal, grumpy self, he starts to lighten up a little and becomes a lot more human than expected thus starts their relationship.  It’s beautiful, it’s relearning how to love and be loved again, and it is very real with highs and lows. 

Keeland and Ward’s collaboration brings moments full of laughter and sexy times, moments comprised of love, and a very unseen twist.  This twist is something that rocks Soraya and Graham’s new relationship to the core and I didn’t even see it coming until the exact moment it was revealed.  From there, it was an emotional read for me.  Two people who very much love each other but come to the crossroads of how to deal with the surprise that has just been thrown into their lives.  

I have read Keeland and Ward’s other writings together and I will have to say that by far, this one is my favorite.

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