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Review: Aphrodite by Kaitlin Bevis

Title: Aphrodite
By: Kaitlin Bevis
Series: Daughters of Zeus #4
My Copy: Netgalley.com
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Being perfect isn’t easy, but Aphrodite is determined to live up to the ideal. So when Poseidon asks her to investigate strange happenings on several cruise ships, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. Demigods are going missing, and no one remembers them having been on board. Aphrodite charms herself into the best room on the ship, prepared to investigate in style. Unfortunately, the room belongs to the one man immune to her charm.

When Aphrodite realizes that he could be the next target, her investigation gets more complicated. Worse, whoever is responsible for the missing demigods charmed the passengers and armed them with long-forgotten weapons designed to kill gods. When the ship goes dark, Aphrodite and Adonis have to work together to discover who is behind the mayhem before Poseidon decides their ship, and every charmed and armed human on it, are more trouble than they’re worth.

Aphrodite picks up right where The Iron Queen left off but from Aphrodite’s point of view.  Now, if my memory serves me correctly, Aphrodite was one of the main characters in the last books and was a key player against Persephone because she was made by Zeus and under his control, so initially I didn’t like her.

However this book touches on the suffering that Aphrodite went through while under Zeus’s spell and the fact that she had no control over any of her actions and it made me realize that she wasn’t a jerk of a goddess – she really was a nice girl (well, goddess.)  Writing this story from Aphrodite’s POV allows us to know her general concern regarding the missing demigods, the length that she will go to save them, her comradely with her fellow god and goddesses, and her allegiance to Persephone. 

Without spoiling anything, I will say that I was very surprised how this book turned out.  There were a few twist that I saw coming but one big one that I did not.  Bevis sure did keep me at the edge of my seat; engrossed in the story, and worried about how this was all going to play out.

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