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Review: Her Fantasy Husband by Nina Croft

Title: Her Fantasy Husband
By: Nina Croft
Series: Things to do Before You Die #2
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Security Company CEO Josh Slater put his life on hold when he said “I do” to protect a stranger. While his marriage was never meant to be real—he hasn’t even seen his wife in five years—Josh can’t shake the idea that he’d be cheating if he moves on. Now he’s a man with a mission: chase down his “wife,” get an annulment, and finally indulge in a little no-strings sex.

Heiress Alexia Slater entered into a marriage of convenience straight out of high school to gain control of her inheritance before her not-so loving family squandered the whole thing. She doesn’t want the marriage to be real—she’s fought hard for her independence—but that hasn’t stopped her from spending the last five years fantasizing about her gorgeous husband.

Then he shows up.

Josh wants an annulment. Lexi needs to stay married. When the chemistry explodes between them, there’s no stopping the battle of wills only one of them can win…

She’s had the fantasy, now it’s time for the real thing…

Nina Croft pleasantly surprised me with this book because I walked into it thinking that it was going to be a very common-themed story line and it wasn’t by all means. 

Lexi is married to Josh but they are not even a couple.  It is a rouse so that she can maintain her inheritance instead of her dreadful grandmother and Josh agreed to it a long time ago for the payout.  However, with five years of legal but fake marriage
 and a near death experience under his belt, Josh wants an annulment so that he can start living his life but Lexi won’t have it until she has passed the set age so she can fully be able to obtain her inheritance. 

This book is a cute story about two people, who quickly got married five years ago and who hasn’t seen each other since, and the relationship that starts to build once they start figuring out who they are to each other.  But it isn’t a quick spark at first.  Josh really is frozen inside to the idea of love and especially the idea of loving his wife and Lexi, being herself, slowly start to thaw him out. 

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