Tuesday, November 3

Review: The Mad Tatter by JM Darhower

Title: The Mad Tatter
By: JM Darhower
My Copy: Ebook for Review
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Reece Hatfield has just one rule when it comes to falling in love: don't fucking do it. There's no room in his life for another person. He can barely keep a handle on things as it is. A shadow of the man he used to be, Reece spends his days tattooing, the artist inside of him longing for the chance to do something different.

Avery Moore is all dance, all the time. Ballet is all she's ever known, and she's damn good at it. Her body is her art, a living canvas that captivates Reece the first time he lays his eyes on her.

He yearns to leave his mark on her body... in more ways than one.

The tattooed degenerate with a shady past. The beautiful ballerina with a bright future. They live in different worlds, yet somehow, they fit. But just because they fit doesn't mean they belong together. Cracks sometimes form. Two pieces don't always make a whole. The course of love never did run smoothly. Things get messy.

And Reece doesn't do messy.

Not anymore.

Sarah Anderson was completely correct in supporting your story without the addition of maimed characters or suspenseful angst. While this has proven to be a well loved attribute to young stories I fell in love with this brighter story. This story was just wonderful without the heavy burden, and instead watching this heavy-hearted man pick up the pieces of his life. As he realizes that all his sins do not need to dictate his future we will fall in love with the dedicated father. On the like side we are also observing the development of Avery's sheltered character. This was a beautiful love story, and the addition of little miss was an added brilliance that spoke to me personally. After seeing Reece in his father role it would be utterly impossible not to love his character, and the witty commentary between the Lexi and her father was adorable to say the least. He is easily my newest addition to my list of book boyfriends. I have been following JM Darhower's suspenseful stories for a bit, and I am absolutely loving this new direction. 

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