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Review: Love Hacked by Penny Reid

Title: Love Hacked
By: Penny Reid
Series: Knitting in the City #3
My Copy:
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There are three things you need to know about Sandra Fielding: 1) She makes all her first dates cry, 2) She hasn't been kissed in over two years, and 3) She knows how to knit.

Sandra has difficulty removing her psychotherapist hat. Of her last 30 dates, 29 have ended the same way: the man sobbing uncontrollably. After one such disaster, Sandra--near desperation and maybe a little tipsy--gives in to a seemingly harmless encounter with her hot waiter, Alex. Argumentative, secretive, and hostile Alex may be the opposite of everything Sandra knows is right for her. But now, the girl who has spent all her life helping others change for the better, must find a way to cope with falling for someone who refuses to change at all.

First off, Sandra is awesome! I loved that she was extremely out there in everything that she did.  Every other Friday night, Sandra secures a date at the same restaurant.  She orders the same meal and gets almost the same waiter, Alex.  Sandra has mildly been crushing on him throughout these months but nothing has been done until the she makes another date cry and Alex confronts her.  The best part about this confrontation is that Sandra just verbally spews out whatever she is thinking.  Like Janie, Sandra has no filter, but unlike Janie, she doesn’t spew forth random facts.  After Alex learns that Sandra is a psychiatrist and she is not intentionally making her dates cry, he becomes intrigued with her and the story starts.

Love Hacked presented the most mysterious man yet, Alex.  Throughout the entire book I knew nothing about him.  He kept his cards extremely close to his chest and for a long time I teetered on whether Alex was a bad or good guy.  But I knew, in my heart, that our dear and wonderful Penny Reid would never do that to us.  Our knitting group girls deserve the best men out there and Alex is a superb match for Sandra.  That doesn’t mean that it was easy on either of them to learn all of the details in their pasts (mainly Alex’s past.  His past cracked my heart a little.) However, the beauty of their love healed my cracked heart and all was right in my world.

What a wonderful addition to an already marvelous series.  There hasn’t been one character that I haven’t fallen in love with and there hasn’t been one ending that didn’t make me feel warm and happy inside. 

And I have found that I love the continuation of getting to see inside of Janie and Elizabeth’s lives during the knitting sessions.  Even though their stories have already been told, we still get cute little updates. 

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