Thursday, October 22

Review: Fade to Red by Willow Aster

Title: Fade to Red
By: Willow Aster
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Dancing in pop superstar Beckham Woods’ entourage was the last thing Roxie wanted. Her life with little Leo was blissfully ordinary; she didn’t have time for the drama that stirring up old memories would surely cause.

But when Roxie took a spot on an international tour with Woods and rock icon Ian Sterling, the lure of financial security and her passion for dance pulled her into an emotional storm that threatened to spin out of control and hurt the ones she loved most.

Just as she began to adjust to her new life, it became apparent that danger was in the shadows, waiting for a chance to move...

***Fade to Red is a standalone novel featuring characters from True Love Story.***

Fade to Red is a potentially explosive plot line. Beckham and Roxie have some powerful chemistry from the start, and the sorted past gives it even more momentum. The added friction of Roxie's son, and the additional soft personality that we see from Beckham promises for a ready made family. The destination of this story is far from hidden, but the twists and turns along the way are still vaguely mysterious. The detailed history for Roxie is kept quite for the majority of the story leading me to also anticipate the connection between Beckham and Leo, but I was bewildered by the abruptness of the switch in Beckham's personality when Leo existence is revealed. There is no hidden agenda or distrust for Roxie, so his abrasiveness was a little off putting to say the least. Follow this with his immediate dedication to time and pressure of pushing himself into Roxie and Leo's lives was a bit unrealistic to say the least. It also presents a roller coaster effect that seems a bit dramatic for my liking in some places. I really liked the majority of the story including the danger lurking just around every corner. Beckham's stalker is a twist that readers will see coming, but not sure of when the snake will strike. I would have like to have to seen more detailed and transgression for the development of a relationship without some of the theatrics. As I said at the beginning this story was never lacking potential, but I wish it would have been able to meet all of my expectations. 

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