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Review: Hold On by Kristen Ashley

Title: Hold On
By: Kristen Ashley
Series: The 'Burg #6
My Copy:
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Since she was young, Cher Rivers knew she was not the kind of girl who got what she wanted. A girl who could hope. A girl who could dream. She knew a happily ever after just wasn't in the cards for her.

In love for years with the last bastion of the 'burg's eligible bachelors, Garrett Merrick, Cher worked hard at making him laugh. Being one of the guys. Having him in her life the only way she could. All this knowing he was in love with another woman.

The Merrick Family is known for loving deep. So when Cecelia Merrick was murdered, it marked the Merricks in a way none of them recovered. Both Cecelia's children found love. Both turned their backs on it. But Garrett "Merry" Merrick knew in his soul the woman he divorced years ago was the one for him.

Until the night when Cher took Garrett's back and things changed. The Merrick family loves deep. They also protect fiercely. And with his eyes finally open, Garrett sees the woman who truly is for him and he goes after her.

I am 100% positive that I am in need of therapy after this wonderful series.  I hate it when perfect books come to an end and I hate it even more when perfect series come to an end…hence, the therapy.  I am elated because I have this amazing series in my heart, I am sad because it is over.

Out of the entire series, Joe and Vi have been my favorite for a long time.  There was just something about them that had me holding them close to my heart and then came Merry and Cher.  I wouldn’t say that they have taken Vi and Joe’s spot but I will say that both couples are on an equal level of pure love for me. 

Cher was strong and wonderful.  A single mom and a kick-ass lady who has loved Merry from afar stole my heart immediately.  Her love for her town, the residents in it, her family, and what she has built for herself was heart-warming. And then Merry walked into the scene.  HOLY CRAPOLA!  One of my absolute favorite KA men, hands down.  That man just makes me melt in all different ways.  Merry, a cop and recently divorced, starts to fold himself into Cher’s life after a drunken night.  But first they are hesitant; these two characters have not had the best of lives with all of the sugar coating on top that one could ask for so why would they think they could have that together?  They really don’t at first.  It is a struggle for both to see that together they are perfect, separate they are just exist. Throughout the entire book, these two characters are constantly bogged down, knocked down, and found fighting for themselves and each other. 

And gawd, their love for each other is what I want, what I aspire to have, what I need.  Cloning Merry would probably be my best bet if it were even possible. 

Can I just take this time to compliment KA on her writing, her characters, and her stories?  She can just take me away, suck me in, and I will live and breathe with her characters.  It is purely beautiful all the ways these books enthrall me.  Her epilogue in this book had me in tears through the whole chapter.  It was wrapped up in a nice, pretty bow for all to be touched by – not only for Merry and Cher but for all the ‘Burg’s residents.

From the first book I read from KA to the last she writes, she will always be one of my favorites.

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