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Review: Everly by S.M. Shade

Title: Everly
By: S.M. Shade
Series: Striking Back #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

The first time I met Mason Reed, we were standing naked in a bank, surrounded by guns.

That should have been a warning.

An MMA champion, trainer, and philanthropist, but not a man who gives up easily, Mason is trouble dipped in ink and covered in muscle.

Growing up in foster care, I'm well aware that relationships are temporary, and I do my best to avoid them. After a sheet clenching one night stand, I'm happy to move on, but Mason pursues me relentlessly. Sweet, caring, protective, and at times, a bossy control freak, this persistent man has climbed inside my heart, and I can’t seem to shake him.

After saving me from a life threatening situation, he’s also won something much harder to obtain. My trust. But does he deserve it? Is his true face the one he shows the world? Or is his charitable, loving manner only a thin veneer?

This book contains sexual situations and is intended for ages 18 and older.
Thoughts from The BookWhisperer

I'm so confused!!! For the majority of this story I felt it through and through, but the last page has me totally bumfuddled. No.. I don't know if that is an actual word, but I bet most of you totally understand what it means. Everly and Mason are an explosive couple, and their sorted past makes them great companions due to their abilities to genuinely understand one another. Everly is quick to accuse which is a very girly tendency, and for a very non girly reader proved to be a bit frustrating. Mason on that other hand is not helpful in his secretive personality.  I felt myself predicting where this story will flow, but at this point they can only be considered assumptions. As I said above I am now confused, because the last page has me question everything I was building in my mind. Unfortunately, this story is written in a manner that I don't know if this was the intention, or a failure to develop the situation in the story. Everly in general is a shorter story that will carry you through rather quickly. It has definitely left me curious, and a bit anxious to see what will follow.

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