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Review: Dream of You by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Dream of You
By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Wait for You #4.5
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
The BookWhisperer's Rating: 

Abby Erickson isn't looking for a one-night stand, a relationship, or anything that involves any one-on-one time, but when she witnesses a shocking crime, she's thrust into the hands of the sexiest man she's ever seen - Colton Anders. His job is to protect her, but with every look, every touch, and every simmering kiss, she's in danger of not only losing her life but her heart also.

And we finally get Colton’s story….happy dance….happy dance….wooh!

Yep, JLA goes and does it again.  She writes these amazing stories filled with action, comedy, fluff, and just good ole plain love.  Can’t beat that at all.

I have been waiting for Colton’s story ever since he showed up at showed up at Mona’s with a bee in his bonnet.  Being that he always seemed grumpy, I was interested in how JLA was going to write his story and I was not disappointed.

Abby and Colton are thrown together after Abby witnesses a murder (wrong place, wrong time kind of a thing) and Colton is the detective assigned to the case.  Both characters went to high school together but never ran in the same crowd, however, Abby has always daydreamed about what Colton would feel like under her fingertips.  This story follows Abby in the days after the murder and starts to reveal just how important she is to Colton and how serious he is about protecting her.

What I loved about this book was honestly the character Abby.  She was an average girl like the millions all over the world.  She wasn’t model thin, she wasn’t movie star beautiful (well, at least that is what she thought,) and she confidence issues.  I think I can speak for all of us when I saw that there are days when all wake up and take a look in the mirror only to just wish that we had the power to change something (or all) about ourselves.  Well, that was Abby.  She knew she wasn’t the ugliest woman in the world but she also didn’t see herself as someone that Colton would ever be drawn to.  That right there sold me on her character.  The fact that JLA can write about a woman who suffers from the lack of confidence (when all we read about are women who are drop-dead gorgeous and are brimming with confidence) and motivate me to be more confident in myself speaks volumes to her as a writer. 

I am looking forward to the next installment in this series…heck, I am just looking forward to the next JLA book period.

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