Saturday, July 25

Lookie, lookie who we met today...


That is right, we met one of the queens.  It was pretty much an amazing experience, even though we weren't able to go out and party with her and the rest of her fans tonight.  

We made a day out of it with a quick trip up north to a hibachi grilled lunch, a long-standing line, (but two new friends were made in that line), signed books and a photo with KA, and most importantly, time spent with friends.  

One of the best parts about the day (besides our new love for frozen hot chocolate...yep, that's right, frozen hot chocolate) was when KA asked us what our blog was and knew it.  SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE!  *Squeal* She was so nice and personable.  It was great to see her interact with her fans, whether it be joking because she jokingly refused to signed Jackie's book because she had an IU shirt on (KA is a Purdue grad) or when she asked people what they favorite book was - either way, she was a doll.
(This is us having a fangirl moment)

Meeting authors is all new to us.  If you remember, last fall we had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, and Colleen Hoover and now we have been up close and personal with Kristen Ashley.  We hope that we are able to continue to meet our favorites and share with all of you how truly amazing they are.

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