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Review: Edge of the Falls by Nazarea Andrews

Title: Edge of the Falls
By: Nazarea Andrews
Series: After the Falls #1
My Copy:
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In a world torn apart by science and war, an outcast finds love with a beast.
Sabah has lived outside the Commission’s control her entire life. But as she approaches the age of Majority, her guardian pushes her to make a choice: life in the wild with a boy she barely knows, or a place in the nearby City with Berg, the boy she’s known since childhood.
But when Arjun, a monster created by scientists, saves her life, everything Sabah knows begins to change. Hidden away from her life and family, Sabah finds herself trusting the beast when he tells her secrets and more—falling in love with a creature she’s spent a lifetime fearing.
But in a world where control is everything, and life is something you fight for—can a love that defies society survive?

You want to know what I love?  I love reading a synopsis and not really being intrigued by it but knowing that I love the author means that I will give it a go.  After giving it a go, I love realizing that this is why loving an author is just enough to get me hooked on a series. 

Okay, yes, based on the synopsis, this book wouldn’t be one that I would pick if I didn’t know who the author was but Andrews has this wonderful way of making me fall in love with everything she writes.  She has to have a brilliant imagination to come up with these realistic/hopefully-never-happens worlds.  And I know she has brilliant talent because she is a wonderful author.

Edge of the Falls was extremely creative and well written.  It has every element that a reader could ask for: suspense, love, hate, anger, betrayal…you name it.  It is also the kind of story that sucks you in and makes you forget about the rest of the world around you while reading.  I don’t know how many times I missed out on lunch conversations because I was reading (but seriously, can they not see that I am reading and do not want to be disturbed?!) 

I immediately loved Sabah’s character; so strong, independent, and caring of the children she takes care of.  Her with Berg made my heart happy at first.  They seemed like a wonderful couple but things change.  After realizing that something is off, Sabah starts questioning the Mistress and the high demands that she places on the children.  This leads her to start rethinking of what her life should be and it causes her to stumble upon the ban-wolf monsters.  (This is when I changed my mind about Berg) Arjun is so perfect in every way.  He has watched her from afar and wants her with him and this is when the story took off for me. Action and drama and love, oh my!

If this series is anything like the The Ruin of the World series, I am going to be one happy girl. 

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