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Review: Chasing the Wind by Nazarea Andrews

Title: Chasing the Wind
Series: After the Fall #2
By: Nazarea Andrews
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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Kaida grew up in two worlds--a child in the Manor raised by Sabah before she was granted Citzenship. But the only place she has ever felt like she's belonged is with Cedric and Guin, the boys she grew up with.

When Cedric's involvement in a rebel faction goes wrong, the Commission exiles her and holds Guin hostage. Now, she's on her own for the first time, and searching for the sister who left her behind and a princess who was stolen from the City--and then she stumbles across a face from the past.

Hawke has been an outcast since his Tribe died. When he finds Sabah's sister on the road, he agrees to help her. But as they search the wilds and grow closer, his disdain for her is slowly replaced by a deep attraction for the girl who faces every challenge so bravely.

And as the City's deadline dwindles, and the boy she loves hangs in the balance, Hawke is left to wonder if he is protecting her, or if he the biggest threat she will face.

Yep, Andrews has done it again.  She has constructed such a world that made me lose a few days while being sucked into Kaida’s world.  She also made me love Cedric, Kaida, and Guin together and then presented Hawke, which had me torn for a little while.  This lady is absolutely brilliant. 

Chasing the Wind follows the trio we were introduced to in Edge of the Falls.  However, they are in a tight situation, which leads Kaida and Cedric to leave the City and rely on Hawke to guide them to Sabah so they can ask for help.  This leads to all sorts of craziness and I loved every bit of it.  Like the first book, the second is filled with just about everything you could want and more.

This world Andrews has pieced together is a violent one but oh so wonderful when you have the right person beside you.  In this story, Kaida has Guin and Cedric but you quickly realize that there might be someone a little better for her. Enter Hawke: I didn’t think that anyone could beat Arjun as the greatest but Hawke had me the moment that he claimed Kaida for her protection.  I mean, when he says, “I will give up the wind and chase you,” that was it for me.  I loved him and I knew that he was perfect for Kaida even though she didn’t know it yet. 

A few things that bugged me a little were Kaida’s constant back and forth between the two men she grew up with and Hawke.  It was very ping-pong-ish as a reader and it upset me to know that she had such a wonderful man willing to be all hers but she kept going back to the familiar.  Also, I guess I was expecting her to be more like Sabah – tough like Sabah.  But every once and a while Kaida would break down but in the next scene, she would be as tough as nails.  I was a little confused on who she really was.  However, none of this deterred me from really loving this story.  It is still amazing and had me wrapped up in it all since the beginning.  I can’t wait for the next installment.

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