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Review: The Iron Queen by Kaitlin Bevis

Title: The Iron Queen
By: Kaitlin Bevis
Series: The Daughters of Zeus #3
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His love could destroy their world.

Life is hell for Persephone. Zeus will stop at nothing to gain access to the living realm and the Underworld. As the only living god with a right to both, Persephone’s in trouble. Captured and tortured beyond the limits of her resolve, Persephone must find the power to stand against Zeus. But will she be strong enough?

Meanwhile, Hades contemplates desperate measures to rescue his queen. Persephone never thought of herself as dangerous, but there’s a reason gods never marry for love. A being with the power to destroy all of creation shouldn’t place more value in one individual than the rest of the planet. But Hades . . . Hades would break the world for her.

To save the world and stop both Hades and Zeus, Persephone must make a difficult choice. One that may cost her everything.

Before I dive deep into this review, I must first give out the warning that I read the second book so long ago that for the first quarter of the third book, this book, I had no idea what was going on.  Slowly things started to come back to me but I believe that because of this long pause, it took me a while to get into the groove of what was going on. So don’t let this happen to you!

The beginning starts off with a bang and continues as Persephone is captured by Zeus and held against her will while being torture to swear fealty to him.  And being that Hades has no idea where she is, what is happening to her, and cannot connect with her through their bond – he is going crazy. 

Hades kicks into action, trying to figure out the best way to save Persephone even if it will destroy the earth. Now that is love! 

But what I loved about this book is how strong Persephone becomes.  While being tortured, she refuses to give into Zeus.  She does everything in her power to get away from him and when the gods get together, she surprises them by standing up and taking charge.

On a side note, I thought this third book was the end of this series.  However, it left it slightly open for Bevis to write more.  I sure hope so because I have thoroughly enjoyed each book.

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