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Review: Defining Love by Elizabeth Reyes

Title: Defining Love
By: Elizabeth Reyes
Series: Defining Love #1, #2, & #3
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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Being friends before becoming lovers makes for stronger relationships.

Aaron and Henrietta can certainly attest to this. It takes time to develop the kind of deep relationship each is in. Both are committed and fiercely loyal to a lover they each consider their best friend.

Then one night Aaron and Henri meet.

After a single conversation, neither can explain the profound connection they’re feeling. Is it intrigue? Lust? How can one chance meeting—one conversation–possibly have them questioning everything they ever believed about love?

We all know my love for characters that start off as friends and then become lovers and we also know my love for Elizabeth Reyes so really nothing could go wrong for me – and it didn’t. 

First off, let me say that there might be something does not appeal to the general public – an element of bisexuality.  Both Jackie and I were warned before we agreed to read the ARC and I will say that at first, it kind of threw me off.  It wasn’t something that I was expecting and it was nothing like E.R. has ever written about.  But it is something that is very apparent throughout most of the book so if this is something that will bother you, then you might to want rethink about reading it.  However, I will say that it was never graphic and in all honestly, it was written in a very innocent and sweet way. With this being said, I loved that E.R. challenged her writing and went out of the box.  I also loved the way she wrote about how different love is for each person.  There are some who are madly in love with each other, some that are in love because of the time they have invested in each other, and some that are in love because that person is all they have in life.

As most E.R. fans know, she writes wonderful alpha males but Aaron wasn’t like all the other characters that we have gotten to know.  Aaron is different... his character is a lot more laid back than all the other past E.R. characters.  The trait of extreme possessiveness was gone and in place was a very open-minded man who knew that Henri was the one – the one that met his father’s definition of love he gave him so long time ago.  Problem is, Aaron is engaged to another woman and Henri is dating someone else – her best girlfriend.  Both, however, are enamored with each other and this creates some drama and heartbreak.  Oh, but it is so necessary for all the heartbreak these characters deal with to make the lives they lead worth living.  And there is a good amount of heartbreak in this story because all of the characters involve live, learn, and define themselves (and love) with the choices they make. 

I will say that my favorite part of this book was the epilogue – what a perfect way to end a book.

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