Friday, May 29

Published Early: Homewrecker by Cat Mason & Kathryn Kiden

By: Cat Mason & Kathryn Kiden

My name is Kennedy Brooks and you're not going to like me. Chances are you may even hate me, and that's okay, there are times I do too.
I had choices, we all do, the ones that I made changed everything. 
Before I knew it, the lines of right and wrong began to blur and I was consumed so deeply that I couldn't see a way out even if I wanted to.
The path I chose is not for the faint of heart, it isn't always sweet, but it's real.
What happens when all the things you have always wanted suddenly aren't all you want anymore? What do you do when the forbidden screams your name and both parts of your life become as vital as the air you breathe?
You make a choice.
This is my story.

HOMEWRECKER by Cat Mason and Katheryn Kiden
cover model- Harper Sloan
Photographer- Lauren Watson Perry of Perrywinkle Photography

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