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Review: Taking What's His by Jen McLaughlin

Title: Taking What's His
By: Jen McLaughlin
Series: Shilling Agency #4
My Copy: Netgalley.com
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One explosive device was all it took to turn Holt Cunningham from ass-kicking Marine to IT technician. Hell, he's still not over it. So when the cute little strawberry blonde at the bar asks him to kiss her, Holt can't resist the temptation of a sexy distraction. Before he knows it, she's blown his mind...and then skipped out the next morning.

Lydia Thomas never expected things with Holt to go quite that far, but oh, it was worth it. After being far too good for way too long, she was ready to be bad. Except that there's that tiny detail that Lydia kept to herself-Holt just spent the night doing naughty things...with his best friend's little sister.

One night isn't nearly enough. But with his friendship on the line, how far will Holt go in order to claim what's his?

Okay, when the opening letter from the author states this: “This one goes to all the Whovians out there.  And if you’re not one yet…what are you waiting for?  Join the dark side.  We have cookies, bowties, and fezzes.” I know that I have a great book in my hands.  And I did have a great book in my hands.  *Just a little side note: I have mad love for Doctor Who and this book was all about it’s nerdiness.  It brought me great pleasure and joy to know that someone else loves the show just as much as I do and had their heart ripped out with Ten and Rose were separated by a wall with a parallel world dividing them.  If you don’t know Doctor Who yet, I highly recommend it.  It is the most brilliant thing I have ever became addicted to. *

I was nervous at the beginning of this book because it started off getting straight to the point - Holt and Lydia leaving the bar together with an agreement of just one night and nothing else.  At this point, I didn’t know the characters but slowly Alberts introduces them and they are quite brilliant.  Both amazing in their own ways, these two are a match made in heaven.  Sweet Lydia brings calmness to the hectic world of Holt and Holt brings a bad (but good) edge to Lydia’s life. 

I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know more of the Shilling Agency’s characters.  There was one perfect part of the book (besides the Doctor Who talk) that was poetic and really wrapped up the ending so nicely; “If you knock, I’ll let you in.”  What a powerful way to end a great book.

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