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Review: Surviving Raine by Shay Savage

Title: Surviving Raine
By: Shay Savage
Series: Surviving Raine #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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As the captain of a schooner catering to the elite on the Caribbean Seas, Sebastian Stark does his best to avoid any human encounters. Interacting with people isn’t his thing, and he prefers the company of a bottle of vodka, a shot glass, and maybe a whore. There’s no doubt he’s hiding from a checkered past, but he does well keeping everything to himself…

…until the night his schooner capsizes, and he’s stuck on a life raft with one of the passengers.

Raine’s young, she’s cute, and Bastian would probably be into her if he wasn’t suffering from alcohol withdrawal. As the days pass, DTs, starvation, and dehydration become the norm. Even the most closed person starts to open up when he thinks he’s going to die, but when she realizes their traumatic pasts are connected, it’s no longer the elements that have Bastian concerned.

He has no idea how he’s going to Survive Raine.

Surviving Raine has my mind in a big ol' jumbled mess. I have likes and dislikes in abundance, and was really torn on where I should land with this rating. First of all, let me point out my likes of this story. Raine is just an ordinary girl, but she has the heart of a warrior and the compassion of a saint. I loved the comparison that she uses between the pit bulls and Bastian, and her way of seeing below the surface. I also was quite fond of the aggravation that it causes Bastian to be compared with a dog. I giggled on quite a few occasions that she would point out comparison's between her rescued pit and Bastian's character. He is quite the ass from the start of this story, and will not be one that you instantly love. Actually, you may never truly love his character, but you will see the connection and feel the loyalty of these characters. It is quite obvious early on that if there is every a big old heaping pile of shit; Bastian will land right in the middle of it. Unfortunately, it seems fate has deemed it necessary for Raine to be along for the ride. This trained killer has been through hell and back. Although, unlike many others he loved every minute of it. These two characters are so exceptionally different this is a outright story of opposites attracting. It will take Bastian hitting his lowest for one to see the vulnerability in this tough and dangerous man. This was a quite extravagant story line, and will require a bit of imagination. The concept of the killing game was unique, and reminds me a bit of the movie The Gamer, and it is a creative addition to the story. If anything Surviving Raine is an interesting adventure to say the least. While I can honestly express my pleasure to have experienced this journey I also had some struggles along the way. Bastain is a bastard to say the least, and this was quite a tedious relationship to support. As I said above while you can understand the loyalty and common bond his is not a nice man.  His whiplash emotions were quite understandable in the beginning, but I found this to be increasingly frustrating as the story continued. It was obvious that over the duration of their being stranded at sea he has sorted through some of the burdens he has been carrying, but when I expected him to become better with his emotions he only seemed to become increasingly worse.  It almost seemed like the second half of the book changed pace, and slowed everything down.  Even before the change of pace this was overall a very long story, and it was a bit exhausting in the end. I was beyond ready to the see the light at the end of the tunnel, and put this journey to rest. Unfortunately, the ending has left me reluctant to delve into the subsequent stories for fear that I will encounter the same laboring story line. This story has really left me on the fence like no other. Although, I am well aware that first books can be a really deceiving display of ability. I think at this point the best response is to check out the next book in this series, and maybe some of the issues here will be ironed out. Surviving Raine is a life or death story filled with action and romance. Be prepared for the tidal wave you are about to endure. 

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