Wednesday, April 8

Review: Sever by J.M. Miller

Title: Sever
By: J.M. Miller
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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One simple decision can end a future. 
One simple persuasion can sever a life. 

The moment Annisyn Kane slips her rake pick into the lock of a stranger's door, the straight life she's led the last few years is scratched out. In the past, the goal was never theft. It was to escape. From life. From death. To quiet the dreams that replayed an affliction she longed to forget. This night, though, was different. She was out of options.

The isolated house was supposed to be an easy target. In and out. No problems. But the simple job takes a twisted turn when Annisyn comes face to face with the only real love she ever had. 

Five years ago, she could have persuaded Damian Mead to stay. She wasn't willing to be the end of his future, so she let him go. Before the emotions from their tangled past have a chance to spin between them, Annisyn discovers that their startling encounter is the least of the night's problems. There's someone else in the house, and the only thing on his mind is revenge.

After reading so many series it seems kind of surreal to have a story play it's course over one book. The thought of one story creating such a good story, and then concluding it so nice and tidy in the end was pleasant. Annisyn and Damian come from opposite sides of the tracks, but they are more similar than one would realize. Both of them have had a struggle in their separate lives; the turmoil so dark and controlling that they are living their lives for everyone else around them. I love how this story walks us right into the present, but then flashes back to tell us their history as we go. Creating this story in such a way that as we find more and more information not only do we fall in love simultaneously, but we also begin putting the pieces together revealing the writing on that wall that these characters are blinded too.  Another emotional roller coaster that will produce sympathy in abundance. Sever offers a young love, but it is truly one that is the genuine article. I love stories like this that show even the best intentions are futile when it comes to matters of the heart. Damian and Annisyn's story is the prime example, and a wonderfully enjoyable journey through hard lives, and even harder decisions. 

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