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Review: Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

Title: Beautiful Redemption
By: Jamie McGuire
Series: The Maddox Brothers #2
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If A Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever. But what if he didn't love you, first? 

No-nonsense Liis Lindy is an agent of the FBI. Deciding she is married only to her job, she breaks off her engagement and transfers from Chicago to the field office in San Diego. She loves her desk. She is committed to her laptop. She dreams of promotions and shaking hands with the director after cracking an impossible case. 

Special Agent in Charge Thomas Maddox is arrogant, unforgiving, and ruthless. He is tasked with putting away some of the world’s toughest criminals, and he is one of the best the Bureau has to offer. Though, as many lives as he’s saved, there is one that is beyond his reach. Younger brother Travis is faced with prison time for his involvement in a basement fire that killed dozens of college students, and the media want a conviction. Travis’s only savior is his unusual tie to the mob. In a deal that will spare his brother, Thomas has agreed to recruit Travis into the FBI. 

Liis is stubborn, defiant, and yet somehow softens Thomas’s rough edges, making her the perfect agent to accompany him to the ceremony. Posing as a couple, they must travel to Travis & Abby’s beach vow renewal and give him the news, but when the pretending ends, she finds herself wondering if they were pretending at all. 

Color me surprised when I was creating this post, and discover that this is marked book two in The Maddox Brothers series. In my book, I definitely look at this as the three book of the Maddox Brothers. So for the record if my review so inclines you to read the series you will want to start with Beautiful Disaster as book one. The Maddox boys are the picture perfect display of the bad boy that every woman desires. From the start of this series I have been captivated by the soulfully deep and dangerously loyal tendencies when each of these boys find their selves in love. Not only would I want to be wrapped into the family fold, and offered the extension of protection that comes with being one of the Maddox Brothers girls from the whole lot, but the adoration that each and everyone earn from their men is by far most women's daydream. As if the attraction to each of the Maddox Boys was not enough; then Jamie offers us strong vivacious female leads that give readers a character with which they can relate. I have loved each and every one of them, and always see a bit of myself in their character. This book has taken us off the beaten path. While all the stories tie in nicely Beautiful Disaster was originally released a independent book. It has been out for many year,  and as of the past couple years become quite the household name. I was ecstatic to see all the attention for this book that I had been raving and publicizing for years. Then to my utter surprise they announced the anticipation of more to come in the form of stories for each of the brothers. Naturally everyone that has read Beautiful Disaster knew that Trenton would be second. He played such a strong lead in the first book that it was simply easy to follow him through at story of his own, because readers felt as though they knew him so well. Thomas even with the lead he played in Trenton's book was not so easy. One we had not really seen him in Beautiful Oblivion with the dynamic of the story. He was absent from much of the book, and when he was present he was nice and loving enigma. Which lead to the biggest cliff hanger EVER!!! I was a bit reluctant in starting this book, because wasn't sure how Jamie would be able to raise him to the adoration level that I have experienced with the other two brothers. Now let's just say that I am well aware how many times my favorite authors make me stick my foot in my mouth, so it is only natural that I easily accept I am trying to dig myself out of the hole following this book. Jamie McGuire not only made this character just as entertaining as the previous installations, but I believe this book kind of stepped out a bit from the young adult feel that has been ever present in the past two stories.  Liiss and Thomas are very different from what have come to love, and I wonder how the other stories will transform yet again. With the twins being the remaining brothers I don't know which we will see in the next book. They are complete mysteries, so I don't even know what to expect. In every book the epilogue offers a glimpse into the future. I remember Travis's that showed in him in the FBI, so watching that story unfold in this book was a display of talent and awesome connection to the earlier story. This epilogues glimpse highlighted both Travis and Thomas lives because of the nature of how they have become intertwined, and only left me with more questions about the future. The developments their alone tell me the next book will have to go through some development, and the likelihood of another brother falling into the ever growing cluster is highly likely. Although, I cannot even fathom how Jamie will spin it. That would be why she is the author right???  Jamie McGuire is an extremely talented author, and one of The BookWhisperer's favorite. Both Miranda and I have been dedicated followers to her series. It is always a treat to be whisked away into one of her adventures, and it is never bothersome to experience the heart palpitations that follow. Thank you for such wonderful characters, and stories that will just cannot seem to get enough of. 

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