Wednesday, January 28

Risking It All by Tessa Bailey Character Interview


Guess who stopped by to answer some questions for us?  Bowen Driscol from Tessa Bailey's Risking It All novel. EEEKKK!!!!

The BookWhisperer: I think my first question for you, Bowen, is why did you push Ruby away after she learned who you were to her? In my mind, this would be the
best time to build on your relationship as sister and brother.  Did you push her away to keep her safe? 

Bowen Driscol: Protecting someone is a hard habit to break, so yeah, that played into it. Every day, things get a little worse for me and I needed to cut ties before they went bad for my sister, too. It didn’t help that she was about to reunite with our mother…and I wanted no part of that.

The BookWhisperer: We found out that you paint; which I think is amazing! Do you paint to express your emotions? When did you start painting? Also, where do you think you learned it (or got the creative gene) from? 

Bowen Driscol: (laughs) We’re getting pretty deep here, huh? I can say without a doubt that the creative gene wasn’t passed down to me…it just showed up one day. I needed to do something with my hands besides fight, you know? One day, walking home in the neighborhood, I saw this kid painting a store window and decided to give it a shot. It saved me. At least until Sera could find me.

The BookWhisperer: You took on a dangerous role when you signed up to help Sera. What drew you to help Sera in the first place even though you didn’t know her? 

Bowen Driscol: Her eyes. My girl’s eyes are peaceful. Even when she’s angry, she…comforts me. No one ever looked at me the way she did. Like she was trying to see past everything…the surface bullshit that everyone thinks it important. She wanted to see me.

The BookWhisperer: You have an adorable nickname for Sera, “Ladybug,” where do you think that came from? 

Bowen Driscol: (slow smile) The first time I saw her, she was waitressing and Jesus, she was awful. She didn’t belong in that bar, that world, and it was obvious. She was showing her spots, just like a ladybug, hard as she was trying to disguise herself. One look at and anyone would know she was good. The kind of good you protect at all costs, because the world would be a shitty place without it.

The BookWhisperer: We left you joining a new group - so how do you truly feel about
working for the good side now? 

Bowen Driscol: I’m there for Sera. I get to have a life with her in Chicago. An apartment. Take her to dinner. I’d move to the fucking moon for that. Rubbing elbow with cops makes that possible, so I’m there. I’d work with cops the rest of my life for even a single day with her.

The BookWhisperer:  Do you think that this work will clear you slate of all its dark marks

and possibly make you worthy of Sera’s love? 

Bowen Driscol: Worthy? I’ll never be worthy. But when I’m with her, she makes me forget about the dark marks. I’m her man – that’s it. Darks marks and all. And some days, I’m grateful for those dark marks because they prepared me to protect my Sera.

Thank you, Bowen, for stopping by and answering a few questions.  For those readers out there that haven't read Bowen and Sera's story yet, what are you waiting for?

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