Monday, December 22

Review: Forever Dark by Chelsea Landon

Title: Forever Dark
By: Chelsea Landon
Series: Forever Love #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

One tragic night. 
One backseat promise shattered forever. 

Madison Thomas is shouldering guilt she may never forgive herself for. Her darkness has consumed her for three years and slowly seeped into every part of her life. 

She’s relying on substance. 

She’s trying to be brave when all she’ll ever be is bent. 
Cash Bryant, a college quarterback with a promising career, wants to show Madison there’s still hope. He’s her one sliver of light that never fades. 

He wants to let go. He needs to let go… before she destroys him completely. 

There’s something about the girl wearing hoodies to hide her dark eyes that reminds him of the girl he fell forever in love with. 

In the shadows of their blue-lit mornings, she makes him weak, steals the beat in his chest, and he’s reminded of the girl he used to know. 

Forever Dark is definitely a raw and gritty journey. A brief glimpse into the story can be best described as six inseparable friends that find themselves living a real life nightmare. The story that follows previews all of the repercussions of many immature choices, and the obvious damage that is caused by the curve balls life throws. Madison and Cash were on the fast track to their forever, and watching how everything falls apart is literally soul crushing. Regardless, of the decisions of the these young individuals no one deserves the torment and damage that this one terrible accident has left on their souls. This is not a story for the light hearted. Readers will have to overcome a mountain of emotions that accompany this story, and just hope that their might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel for these four young people. Forever Dark was not intended to be an read for pure entertainment, but rather an all consuming downward spiral looking into the reality of life and the dangers around every corner. Forever Dark is every bit a lesson story that would be perfect for the young adult generations allowing them a glimpse of the life, and an experience through the lives of these characters. Overall, Forever Dark is a very dark and melancholy read, but it is a soul bending story that has the power to hold you in it's clutches beginning to end. 

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