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Review: Seeds Volume Two by M.M. Kin

Title: Seeds
By: M.M. Kin
Series: Volume Two
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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Captive in the Underworld, Persephone tries her best to resist the wonders of this mystical realm and the allure of its ruler. However, this is much easier said than done when the Underworld offers her freedoms she has never experienced, and Hades offers her pleasure the likes of which she has never known...

Meanwhile, in the land of the living, Demeter's search for her daughter culminates in a devastating discovery that causes her to unleash her wrath on an unsuspecting world...

The first book in the series left me craving more.  I needed to know how all of this was going to work out for Persephone and Hades so being able to pick back up on the series made me so joyful.

I was wrapped up into this book just as quickly as I was the first.  Something about these characters just intrigues me and I craved to finish it as soon as possible.

Persephone is becoming more of a woman with the choices that she makes and the confidence that she grows. I doubt to say that she would ever have grown such confidence while in the presence of her mother so being kept in the Underworld is doing her some good, even if she wants nothing more than to back to the top. 

This book is about Persephone growing up and learning what lies at her fingertips in the Underworld.  Since she is the Queen of the Dead, she is the goddess of the realm and it was interesting to read how Persephone molds into her title.  I was also interesting to read how the continual relationship between Hades and Persephone advances and becomes more mature.  What I found a struggle with, and I mean a struggle in the sense of I rooted for both characters, was that I wanted nothing more than for Persephone to realize that this was her fate.  It was carved in stone and that she just had to accept the fact that she was destine to the Underworld (so I rooted for Hades.)  But I also wanted Persephone to be able to make her own decisions in life, especially since her mother would never let her, and decide for herself if this was the place she wanted to be (so I rooted for Persephone.)  It was a battle my inner self fought throughout this book.

I believe that Kin has done such a great job writing all of the gods and goddesses thoughts and feelings to where I felt like their point of views described in this book made me not hate them for what deeds they carried out, i.e. Zeus. 

I’m not even waiting to read the third book.  In fact, I have already started it.  Hooray!

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