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Review: Seeds Volume Three by M. M. Kin

Title: Seeds
By: M.M. Kin
Series: Volume Three
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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The lofty realms of Olympus and the once-fertile land of Hellas are in chaos due to the wrath of a mother gravely affronted. The truth, however unpleasant it is, must be faced. And in the Underworld, Hades must face the repercussions of his actions. Can Persephone ever forgive him?

Persephone must find a way to make her life her own, but that is easier said than done. Caught between two worlds, she will have to make a stand for her destiny...

It’s the end of the series….NOOOOOO!  I have fallen in love with Persephone and Hades and don’t know if I can live without them.

It seemed like all characters grew throughout this trilogy for me.  Persephone the most; she became independent, strong, powerful, and an adult.  She didn’t bow down to her mother any more and she stood up for what she believed in to anyone, Zeus and her mother especially.  Also, it was good to read how all the other gods and goddess found sincerity in Persephone and opened up to her; those in the Underworld and those in Mount Olympus (all except for Aphrodite.)

Demeter took a turn as well once she realized that Persephone was now an adult and that there was no turning back.  She realized her role as a mother and friend instead of just a headstrong mother.

Hades was the only god that stayed mostly the same.  He apologized to Persephone for what he did to her but basically he was the least changed, which I liked because I liked him the most out of all the characters.

This trilogy has been an amazing journey for me.  I have been constantly sucked into it, wanting more, needing more, and enjoying every bit of piece that I got.  What made me happy was the nice bow that Kin wrapped up the ending with.  Everything worked out.  No ties were left to wonder about, we as the readers got everything that we needed.

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