Sunday, November 9

Review: Blaze by Nina Levine

Title: Blaze
By: Nina Levine
Series: Storm #2.5
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Forever is a long time and takes a lot of hard work.

For twelve years, Madison and J's love story has been wild and uncontrollable. Their road to love has been full of breathtaking highs and devastating lows. Finally, they’ve found each other again and have both sworn that this time it will be forever.

Theirs is an everlasting love.

Or, is it?

Can forever be an impossible dream when two people are as headstrong as these two? Or will the deep love they have for each other win out and give them the forever they've fought hard for?

Yes, Thank you for giving me more. Jay and Madison stole my heart in Storm, and I am so excited to get to relive some of it here. It has been a bit, but rest assured Nina write in such a way that it doesn't take long for it all to flood right back to you. This story picks up shortly after Jay's return. Marcus had him on a job if you remember that had kept him away for a couple months. So, first off it picked right up to the welcome home, but shortly things start to take a downward spiral. Jay is not the best talker, so this is the natural order of things. Shutting down and absence, so that he does not have to look into the disappointed eyes of his soul mate. This breaks my heart. After these two have struggled, so long it is just one more thing to tack on the list. Just think of all the lost time these two have wasted. Yes, wasted because without the other they will never figure it out on their own. After finally following this stint of the journey through I know that it was necessary. This just added yet another layer to the rightness of this union, and leaves readers craving more stories. Each and every character of this story is wonderful. Besides the villains I have not found one person I did not like, and I can't wait for Blaze's story. I know it is only a matter of time, and we will see one. 

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