Sunday, October 26

Review: Pure Temptation by Eve Carter

Title: Pure Temptation
By: Eve Carter
Series: Tempted #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

What would you do if you found a briefcase filled with 250,000 dollars? When the financially struggling college student, Daniella Carrington, stumbles upon just such a briefcase in a sleazy hotel room in Manhattan, she can’t resist the temptation.

She takes the money but soon discovers that it is connected to a deadly underground street fighting cartel. Fearing her life is in danger, Daniella jumps on the ‘Grey dog’ and heads south, ending up in a cozy beach town in South Carolina. There she meets the handsome twenty-four year old Harley rider, John Connors.

Dazzled by John’s sexy looks and hot tattoos, she finds herself once again tempted, this time with her heart at stake. Not until a bombshell of a secret reveals itself does she realize that the cartel is closing in on the money, putting not only her own life, but everyone else's, in danger.

Pure Temptation was a very exciting concept. Young Girl struggling for care of her ailing Gran finds a tremendous amount of money. Only this money that she discovered belongs to some very dangerous men, so she finds herself on the run. As a whole this was a great idea, but this particular story was not everything that I hoped for. The largest obstacle that I had to overcome was the pace of this story. Everything moved so incredibly slowly that it was easy to fall prey to distraction. As far as the story it was also realistically challenging, because I felt the scenarios were a bit far fetched. With these issues I found the story to be just an average read. Without dissecting and picking the story apart one could easily feel that this just an okay story. 

~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~ 

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