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Review: Bittersweet Revenge by J.L. Beck

Title: Bittersweet Revenge
By: J.L. Beck
Series: Bittersweet #1
My Copy: Ebook for Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

I’m a slut. Or at least that’s what everyone calls me. I guess that’s what you get when everyone think’s you've slept with the whole football team and then some.
My junior year of high school I gave my heart to Corey Winchester. He was handsome, cocky, and a pure gentlemen. Then everything changed in an instant. When I found out he was spreading malicious rumors about me, after I refused to sleep with him I was utterly surprised. To add to it, he broke up with me in front of the whole school. I essentially became the laughing stock of the town. People that I once called my friends became my enemies. Finding a way to ruin my life one day at a time. Now the shitty part is I should have known a pretty boy like him was too good to be true. After ruining my reputation and life I did everything I could to stay under the radar, but it just wasn't enough. I slowly learned that all the torment, and hate was all for one thing. Revenge. That’s what Corey wanted, and why I didn't know. Then Rex Winchester came along. Corey’s cousin, and someone I knew I shouldn't be getting close with. A whole six feet of hotness, a smile that melted the panties off of every girl in a fifty mile radius, and a heart of gold. He could have anyone he wanted, so why he chose me Corey’s ex, the bullied, slutty girl was beyond me. All I knew was that I wanted him. I wanted him more than anything. The problem was, I couldn't tell if Rex, was just like Corey or if his intentions were as innocent as he was making them out to be. 
My names Jenna Haines, and this is the story of how the one thing I wanted.. turned out to be the one thing that would hurt me the most. What happens when the one thing you least expect to happen, does? When all the lies and secrets come out. Well you're about find out.

Favorite Quote:
"I think you're lost buddy, president of slut club is Marie Jameson." She replied in a sultry tone pointing to the end of the table. "But in case you can't find her let me draw youa map with some crayons, you go past leave us the f*ck alone, and turn right at f*ck off, and oh lock you're in slut country." 

Why oh Why can I come up with awesome come backs like this.. Bittersweet Revenge is just that kind of story from page 1. How very true this story actually is. The natural desire of society to dwell on the negative. Everyone is always eager to observe another's sorrow, and that is exactly what happens here in Jenna's story. Corey is hurt and rightfully so, but the almost maniacal determination to destroy this young girl is not healthy. More importantly, it is damaging to this young girl. My heart breaks for her over and over again. The lengths that these characters go to cause pay is horrible, but yet again perfect for building a story. This is that train wreck that you just can't help to watch. Oh what a train wreck it is. I was waiting for another shoe to drop, but honestly I really did not anticipate the shoe that dropped. It is bittersweet revenge to see that Jenna was not the only person destroyed. I can not wait to read Bittersweet Love. Playing off such a emotional charged read the potential is endless. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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