Tuesday, October 7

Review: Bittersweet Love by J.L. Beck

Title: Bittersweet Love
By: J.L. Beck
Series: Bittersweet #2
My Copy: Ebook for Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

The anticipated conclusion to Jenna and Rex's story is now here. 

Bittersweet Love is the second book in the series, it is recommended that you read book one in the series first, before reading this that way you can get a better understanding of the story. 

Betrayal. That’s what Jenna Haines felt when she discovered that her relationship with Rex Winchester was anything but real. 

With a broken heart, and a deep sadness running through her veins she picked up the pieces and forced herself to move on. After all, what better place to start fresh than at University of California, Berkeley? 

That is until the day she finds out Rex got accepted to Berkeley too, and that he will be following her off to college. To add salt to the wounds, it seems as if he will do anything to win her back. With Rex, on the prowl and her heart being the prey can she resist his advances towards her? 

Even more so can she move on from the vengeful things he once did and fall into a deep bittersweet love? Or will the hate, lies, and secrets break them beyond repair? Is love really capable of healing all wounds or is everything still just a lie? 

Oh No What happened?!?! I read Bittersweet Revenge and Bittersweet Love consecutively, and I was so excited to get the second book started. Only the journey that ensued was not what I expected. This time it didn't turn out to be as welcomed surprise than I would have liked. Janna and Rex find themselves in accompanying the same orbit again, but unfortunately the same intriguing and heinous atmosphere that we had experienced in the first book was absent. This book was packed full of come to jesus talks, and closure encounters, so much that there could be the several in the same altercation. This made the entire story take a bit a nose dive into sappyville. It is safe to say that I was a little overwhelmed, and I need more action. Corey and Mimi definitely have hit the lows of love in their budding relationship here, and I am invested enough that I would like to see what happens with them. Especially after the epilogue. I can not say that this story was by any means a failure, but it was not the spice that I was expecting pushing my rating lower than that over the first story in the series. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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