Thursday, October 23

Newest Addition!!

So, we are yet again adding to the team. Miranda and I have been running The BookWhisperer as a partnered blog for the past two years. We love every minute of what we do, and are greatful to everyone that has helped us along the way.

Today, I am announcing we are adding yet another member to The BookWhisperer Team... 

My daughter is joining the reviewing crew to read those young adult books we all know and love. As a teen she has a view that I think would be valuable to these reviews. This will be a partnered review, but I will be assisting with the creating of her blog entries, but it is to be her impression and experiences that we are to be posting. Her posts will be called The Next Page as she will be the next generation of readers and reviewers to impress. I am so excited to be adding her to our team, and offering a wider expanse of reviews for all of these great books. Not to mention, that amazing bonding experience that we will be sharing through this journey.

Be on the lookout for this badge when looking for reviews from our newest member. So, glad you are joining us BUG!!!!

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