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Review: Worth Forgiving by Vi Keeland

Title: Worth Forgiving
By: Vi Keeland
Series: MMA Fighter #3
My Copy: Ebook from Publisher
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Daughter of legendary fighter “The Saint,” Lily St. Claire knows firsthand how fighters can be. As the owner of a chain of MMA gyms, she’s no stranger to aggressive, dominating, and possessive men. That’s why she’s always kept her distance. But the day Jax Knight walks through her door she’s captivated by his charm. Stunningly handsome, well mannered, Ivy League educated, and confident, he shatters all the preconceived notions she’d come to think were true about men who trained to fight.

But falling for someone so soon after her breakup wasn’t something she’d planned on. And definitely not something her ex plans to allow.

A-MAZING! I have read the other MMA Fighters series and loved them and I honestly expected nothing else but to love Worth Forgiving but I didn’t just love it.  I loved, LOVED it!

This book had so many more facets than I was prepared for initially.  Jax is a businessman by day and a dream fighter by night.  He despises his father’s actions and basically runs away from his home city to get away from the drama surrounding his father’s infidelity. Here is where he meets the wonderful Lily.  She owns the gym that he starts training at but he is also in the process of buying Joe’s portion of the investment.  At first sight, the attraction is instant but Lily has some problems that hold her back. (Mainly, her jerk of an ex-boyfriend.  And what I loved about this book is that this jerk of an ex-boyfriend doesn’t deter Jax from going after Lily; Jax gets what he wants.)

Jax won my heart so quickly in this book that he really could do nothing wrong. His sexiness was written beautifully.  He was the perfect mix of down-n-dirty along with sweet and caring.  It is a hard task to get this mix written correctly and Keeland knocked it out of the park. 

But this isn’t about just Jax and Lily’s relationship; it involves numerous relationships that are built, tested, and destroyed.  It is a well-rounded book and I am sad to say, the last book in this series. 

I am excited to see what Vi Keeland does next now that the MMA Fighters has ended.

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