Saturday, September 6

Review: Soldier by Liliana Rhodes

Title: Soldier
By: Liliana Rhodes
Series: Made Man #1
My Copy: Ebook from Amazon
BookWhisperer Rating:

My entire life I've always done what others wanted. Until I met him. Dante is mysterious, rough, and makes me think things a good girl like me shouldn't. Loving him could cost me my family, leaving him would cost me my life. He's a killer, a mafia hit man, and my protector.

Gia awakened emotions in me I didn't know I was capable of having. Protecting her was like breathing, I didn't have a choice. But the one act that will finally make her safe, is what will push her away. I must kill her brother.

Soldier is the debut novel for Made Man Trilogy. This is another story highlighting a romance in the Mafia. I love the friction and thrill that these books can guarantee. This is an extremely short story that really cuts down on the experience. While I found it highly entertaining it was too short to really give the readers a full view of what will be expected in such a series. I think this was nice and steady start to the series, and will be following to find what is to come. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~ 

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