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Review: Leather and Lace by Jessie Evans

Title: Leather and Lace
By: Jessie Evans
My Copy: Ebook from Author
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Cowboy bikers, fireworks, and romance, oh my…

Wild girl, Mia Sherman, has a secret—she isn’t as fearless as she pretends. Descended from Lonesome Point, Texas’s founding family, Mia grew up hearing tales of an old Irish curse that had followed the Shermans to America. At age twenty-four, Mia is still terrified of the stories, because they aren’t stories. They are a warning about what will happen if Mia allows love and romance into her life. The curse struck Mia’s grandmother and her great-great-whatever grandmother, and Mia knows she could be next. The first-born daughter of every generation is cursed to lose her husband on her wedding night, which is one of the many reasons Mia has sworn off relationships.

Until the fateful day Sawyer Kane rides his Harley into her life …

Rancher turned restoration expert, Sawyer Kane, can’t believe his luck when the feisty owner of the lingerie shop next to his hotel turns out to be the curator of his latest project, a ghost town he’s been sent to restore. He’s looking forward to long, hot days talking history, and hotter nights with Mia, but the redhead with the killer smile seems determined to keep him at a friendly distance. But when a dangerous man from Mia’s past arrives in town, Sawyer finds himself drawn into her inner circle, and into the legend of Lonesome Point itself.

Can true love conquer all, even a centuries-old curse? Mia and Sawyer may be the first to find out.

Okay, honestly time.  There were things that I really liked about this book and some things I scratched my head over. 

I really liked Sawyer’s character.  He was strong, mature, and attracted to Mia from the get go.  He was absolutely dedicated to restoring the town and pretty much a bad ass on his Harley.  Mia on the other hand just rubbed me the wrong way.  I think she acted too strong as a woman to have the past play such a huge part in her life now.  She never seems terrified or worried throughout the whole book until towards the end.  I guess I am confused because her past, to me, should have made her more timid and cautious.  However, she acted completely normal and becomes involved with Sawyer quickly much to my surprise.  There were other actions that didn’t quite work for me but I don’t want to ruin anything from the book so this is as far as I will go.

I did like Mia’s grandmother (although disappointed in her at the end.) Bubba was a great character that kept the story interesting and gave Sawyer a better insight into Mia. And the mystery that Evans left us with at the end started a pretty interesting question as to what really happened.

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