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Review: Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler

Title: Her Perfect Mate
By: Paige Tyler
Series: X-Ops #1
My Copy: Ebook from Netgalley for Honest Review
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When Special Forces Captain Landon Donovan is picked for an assignment with the Department of Covert Affairs, he’s stunned to find his new partner is a beautiful woman who looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly, much less take down a terrorist.

Ivy Halliwell isn’t your average covert op. Her feline DNA means she can literally bring out the claws when things get dicey. She isn’t thrilled to be paired with yet another military grunt, but Landon is different. He doesn’t think she’s a freak and he’s smokin’ hot.

Soon they find themselves facing a threat even greater than anyone imagines...and an animal magnetism impossible to ignore.

Boy have I been missing my supernatural fix. Perfect Mate has all the perfect components; attractive characters, thrilling suspenseful story line, and a creative voice. Ivy and Landon are the perfect mix of hot and cold. They are determined and capable characters that are intriguing solo characters. When they are put together the sparks fly, and readers will drool. With all of the books I have had the pleasure of reading as of late none of them have been supernatural reads. This was perfect, and I realize now just how much I have been missing them. Perfect Mate is a shifter novel. Not to be confused with Werewolves, because this is more of a scientific mutation that allows human traits of whichever creature they share DNA. In Ivy's case she, for whatever reason, shares traits with Cats. So, she does not totally transform into a Cat, but rather grows sharp talon like nails, and some facial disfigurement. This was a new approach to creating a shifter novel, and I found that I am liking it. Paige Tyler is a creative author, and built this story that allows readers to easily accept and dive into her world. I loved how she developed the relationship between Ivy and Landon. Although, I have a few concerns once the romance really takes off. Ivy and Landon endure a monumental amount of resistance, but at the point of acceptance seem to fall into immediate love. This was a bit frustrating, because I felt like it somehow cheapens the emotion. Like we had spent so much time creating love just to blunder it right at the crucial moment. Even with this one misstep I felt that the story was great. It is thrilling and suspenseful allowing readers the action they crave with the romance we adore. 

~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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