Sunday, September 28

Review: Crimson Beat by Elle J Rossi

Title: Crimson Beat
By: Elle J Rossi
Series: Josie Hawk Chronicles #0.6
My Copy: Ebook for Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

The Spring Equinox brings a slew of nasties to the streets of Nashville. Huntress Josie Hawk is determined to get her arch enemy to sign a treaty, whether the Assembly is behind her or not. But when Keller O'Leary--sexiest vampire alive--returns, will Josie learn to be a team player, or will she stake the heart that has captured hers?

Crimson Beat is the great start to a series. OMG!!! The Irish vampire with his Luv comments; I am having flash backs to BONES!!!!! This is just the start of this series in a little novella. Not much in length, and a vague look at the life of these characters. I am sure that the next will have to delve into their history and such, but I am definitely impressed. We all know how I love me a bada** female lead and supernatural romance; this has it all. I will follow up with Indigo Dawn shortly, so be on the lookout for more on this series. 
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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