Sunday, September 7

Look Who We Met???

Today has been on of those monumental days that we will not soon forget. Color me surprised last week when Miranda come to meet me for lunch, and shared the awesome news that some of our beloved authors were visiting Indy. 

In natural Jackie fashion my response was "OMG!! How mad are we going to be at ourselves if we don't go???" 

So we went, we conquered, and we have pictures to prove it.

Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, 
and Abby Glines Oh My!!!!

As part of the Indie Fallen Love Tour these awesome authors visited Indianapolis, IN today, and we were there to see it. This has been my first time with a book signing. I know ridiculous after five years of reviewing, but Miranda and I jumped this hurdle together. Meeting tons of new reader friends as well. This was a wonderful experience, and one we look forward to repeating.

Miranda makes a party anywhere thus explaining the Tardis socks that were included in today's loot. LOL!! Just one more reason why I love Bookstores!! And yes, those are batman pens that shine the Bat symbol.


Unknown said...

Ladies! It was awesome meeting you today and talking shop while we were in line. Love your blog and I will definitely be checking out your recommendations! Remember....Kresley will thank me! :D

~(the redhead in line with you today)

Jax said...


It was wonderful to meet you as well today. Jackie and I walked away talking about all the great new authors that we need to look up thanks to your suggestions.

Please, keep in touch and keep sending more suggestions :)

Miranda (the one in the purple shirt)