Monday, July 14

Review: Undertow by S.M. Stelmack

Title: Undertow
By: S.M. Stelmack
Series: The Undercity Chronicles #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Lindsay Sterling’s niece has gone missing in the New York underground and the cops do nothing except pass along a name. Jack Cole. Twenty years ago they were good buddies but horrors have changed them both. Lindsay lost her entire family except for her niece in a car accident, and Jack was held captive in New York’s underbelly for nearly two years by demented sub-humans. It was a soul-sucking experience that’s left him a shell of a man. He refuses to descend into that hell again, especially for a girl who’s probably dead anyway. But when Lindsay is nearly killed there after going it alone, Jack feels compelled to save her skin. Jack navigates Lindsay through a strange territory, populated with the eccentric, the insane and the desperate. Each encounter takes them closer to Lindsay’s niece but also closer into the clutches of the mad creatures that will enslave them.

Undertow is fresh and inventive. Nothing like anything I have ever read before this story line is a bit scary, but yet a thrilling adventure. Lacking a bit of detail I am unable to give a full background, but it was not hinder to the story as a whole. This world of upper and lower reminds me a bit of the television series Beauty and the Beast. Various colonies of people living underground for safety or protection from the upper world, but yet deep in the catacombs are something much darker, and more sinister than anything we could encounter above ground. It was not clear on why they build these tunnels or the supporting history for this particular story, but as I said earlier this did not hinder the story as a whole just left some gray areas that could use a bit more tweaking. Overall, this was a great debut and creative new direction. I am impressed by the imagination required to build such a story, and I am left intrigued as to what else these authors are capable of.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

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